Frequently Asked Questions

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Why am I seeing a "The certificate is not valid for the requested usage" error on startup?

When monitoring a Synology server, why aren't any events generated in sub directories?

When applying login details to a share, why do I get warning about "Could not access network share with supplied credentials (1219)"?

User Detection

I have enabled the user detection option, why am I not seeing any user information in the logs?

Why are some of the directory options disabled?

Unlock Keys

My server/PC is not connected to the internet, how do I activate my unlock key?

How do I transfer my existing unlock key to another machine?


Why does my Event Log fill up with "Service command was processed successfully" messages every second?

How can I share the same settings with all users on the same machine?

I would like to translate Directory Monitor, where do I start?

I would like to become a Directory Monitor reseller, where do I sign up?